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Every client brings a different history, sensitivity level, and goal to each session.  Our specialty is to listen and adapt to what you need and what your body will allow.  Therefore, we charge by time and not by technique.  Our focus is on addressing chronic muscle tightness and related soft-tissue dysfunction caused by postural patterns and imbalanced muscle use.  Our happiest clients are those who are focused on the outcome of the session and able to handle brief moments of intensity in achieving it.

Therapeutic/Clinical Massage

A blend of massage techniques (deep tissue, myofascial release, etc.) formulated to address your specific needs.  Unlike a typical spa massage, this session is intended to resolve chronic pain patterns and/or address client concerns.

60 Minutes $115

Best for focused work to upper body or lower body only.  Full-body massage possible with briefer work to areas less in need.

Sports Massage

This session is geared more specifically to addressing a chronic injury or pain pattern and involves more movement and stretching than a therapeutic massage session.  Clients are encouraged (though not required) to experience the session fully clothed to allow for full movement (workout/comfortable clothing recommended).

75 Minutes $140

When 90 minutes is too long for your patience level, but 60 minutes isn't enough to get everything addressed.  75 minutes can accommodate full-body work in many cases, depending on the extent of work required.

90 Minutes $160

The best choice for full-body work that addresses both upper body postural discomfort (e.g., neck, shoulders, back) and lower body overuse (hips, thighs, calves, and feet).

Lomi Lomi/Myofascial Massage

This session blends tabletop lomi lomi massage (a traditional Hawaiian modality employing long, fluid strokes) with other myofascial techniques to sedate the nervous system and down-regulate pain receptors. An excellent modality for recovering from a stressful work week or an exhausting training regimen

120 Minutes $195

Full-body work with extended attention where needed.

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