Like many massage therapists, I blend techniques and modalities to meet your specific treatment goals.  Below is a description of the modalities I draw from most frequently.


Deep Tissue


Deep tissue massage targets muscles with specificity and employs deeper pressure to accomplish this purpose.  Note, however, that “deeper” pressure is not code for “painful.”  My belief is that pain is counter-productive to a therapeutic massage, and my goal is to work effectively, but within your range of comfort.  If you believe that a massage must be painful to be effective, you should be aware that sustained discomfort can activate the body’s sympathetic defense system and produce an unpleasant chemical response.  (Ever gotten a painful massage and felt like you had the flu the next day?  It might be time to rethink that “no pain, no gain” theory about deep tissue.)

Myofascial Release


Myofascial release is a technique that uses deep-but-broad pressure to warm and soften the fascia with a goal of freeing the muscle in preparation for deeper work.  (Fascia is the thin layer of connective tissue that surrounds and binds the muscle together.) The technique uses little or no lubricant (i.e. oil/lotion).

Trigger Point /Neuromuscular Therapy


Neuromuscular therapy is a technique that uses specific types of pressure to release “trigger points” that can form in muscles subjected to chronic stress.  Trigger points are tender areas of tension that, when pressed, refer pain to a different location in your body.

Swedish Massage


Swedish massage focuses on enhancing the body’s circulatory systems and encouraging parasympathetic relaxation.  Rather than targeting specific structures, Swedish massage seeks to influence the body’s metabolic processes through lighter, gentler strokes.  While I incorporate elements of Swedish massage into most of my sessions, please be aware this modality is not a strength of mine and therefore I will not perform a Swedish-only session.

Myoskeletal Alignment Technique (MAT) 


MAT is a systematic approach to viewing the body as a kinematic whole and addressing postural imbalances through massage techniques.  The goal of MAT is to provide a long-term solution to the cause (rather than just the experience) of pain.  MAT employs familiar modalities such as myofascial release, deep tissue, and muscle energy techniques in an organized, thoughtful approach to a client’s treatment goals.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) 


AIS is a form of assisted stretching that seeks to improve range of motion and mobility in muscle tissues without triggering the muscles' protective reflexes.  It requires active movement from the client with assistance from the therapist. 


The best Therap[eutic] Massage in Arizona! The trainer at my gym had clients going to see Allison with amazing results. She suggested that I try going to see her and it’s been the best experience I have ever had with a massage therapist. I have already scheduled her again for next week…

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