About Me

After 19 years of practicing law, I decided I'd earned the right to a career I feel passionate about. 


My choice to pursue massage therapy was the culmination of my desire to help others in a concrete way, a keen interest in athletics, and a fascination with muscle function and kinesiology.  It was also the product of being a frequent massage client who was, quite frankly, often disappointed in getting a rote routine when I knew what my body needed was focused work. 


Knowing what worked for me in a massage, I set out to learn how to provide that for others.  Along the way, I also learned how to listen closely to what clients are asking for, and to strive to provide their ideal massage.

A recent transplant from the Washington D.C. area, I have been specializing in deep tissue and sports massage since 2015.  I love working with clients who want to address specific conditions or chronic complaints, and those who just love a good deep-pressure massage. 


I believe my talent is my ability to "listen" to your tissue and address restrictions in a way that works with your nervous system, rather than one that bulldozes over your pain threshold.  Deep tissue without the gritted teeth.



I am licensed in the state of Arizona, and am board certified with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB).  My training includes Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy.  I am also certified in Active Isolated Stretching, ACE Massage Cupping and Myoskeletal Alignment Technique


A long-time weekend warrior, I have trained at various times in martial arts, figure skating,  ballet, and recreational running.  Do I get regular massage to keep my muscles happy?  You bet!

--Allison Carmody, LMT

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